Welcome to Kazanci

Since 1993 Kazanci Environmental Technics is known for creating profit generating relations with partners, producing innovative products and its environment-friendly concept.

The above stated and kept promise to our worldwide partners for 25 years carried Kazanci Environmental Technics to its leading position on the market and made us create an environment of worldwide clients from over 64 countries in 5 continents.

First, we introduced Microlife Bio-products. Microlife range includes institutional cleaning and maintenance products, wastewater treatments plant accelerators, soil and water bioremediation products. Microlife bacteria accelerates the decomposition and oxidation of organic deposits and then converts them into final products such as organic oxides.

Then we happily introduced Fantastic odor control products to our customer. Fantastic products are highly efficient, safe to use and natural solutions for your odor emission problems. Fantastic products do not mask the odor, they neutralize and eliminate the odor completely.

Fantastic odor control products provide solutions to a wide range of odor problems from industrial applications like wastewater, landfill odors, industrial process odors, to domestic ones like kitchen exhausts, garbage rooms public WCs and etc.

Finally, our other business division is Rielli water treatment plants and wastewater recovery plants provide value-added, environment friendly, and innovative solutions for your needs of process water treatment and wastewater recovery. In Rielli beside using advanced treatment processes like ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, EDI, MBR, and MBBR. We also focus on providing the best possible commercial solutions, to our clients.