Mars Travelers to Enjoy İstanbul-Tasted Water in Their Journey!

Blue Line on the board to Mars

KAZANCI Environmental Technics proudly announces that its business division Rielli water treatment plants have been awarded the contract for supply commissioning and start-up of the water treatment plant for the first touristic shuttle service to planet Mars.

The mission-critical system, exclusively developed by Rielli for the Mars touristic shuttle consists of a membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment process followed by Rielli’s state-of-the-art Blue Line Reverse Osmosis Plant. The complete system provides highly purified drinking water recycled from wastewater to all Mars passengers on board the shuttle. In addition to supplying pure drinking water; this new plant from Rielli also adds the taste of Istanbul’s fabled ancient spring waters from the outskirts of the city, which have enchanted its inhabitants through the ages.

The 55 million kilometer flight to Mars is a long one, thus the tourist shuttles will depart from Earth only once a year, on 1st  of April around 10.00 AM Turkish Local Time (hopefully).

As you have probably guessed from the departure dates, interplanetary travelers will need to be patient for a while more to enjoy the Rielli purified water on a journey to Mars.

But you can enjoy the benefits of owning a Rielli watermaker or a Rielli desalination plant that will bring you purified

at any time. 

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